Posted on May 19, 2014

California Contractor Insurance: The Basics

Great weather and an excellent climate make California a great place for most contractors to establish and run their business. But all the sunshine in the world doesn?t mean you and your business are protected when you need it. As a contractor in the state of California, the law requires most contractors to have some form of insurance in order to operate their business. Depending on the type of contractor and the work performed, different types of insurance could be required in order to operate your business safely and efficiently.

General Liability Insurance, what is it?

The most important type of insurance every contractor big and small should have is General Liability insurance. To put it simply, Contractors General Liability Insurance will protect your business from any accidents or work-related issues that could lead to a lawsuit against your business. General Liability insurance will provide liability in regards to accidents, products, and workers underneath your contracting company. This is crucial, considering the work conditions of most contractors.

In California, this is very important. New projects are always opening up and contractors need to make sure they are ready and able to begin work on whatever comes their way. Having General Liability Insurance for you and any subcontractors under your company will assure that there is one less hurdle in the way to acquiring a new project.

Get the right coverage at the right price

So, how do you go about acquiring the coverage that you and your business need? Searching online for a general liability quote normally involves filling out long, tedious forms that require more time than you should have to put into making sure your business is protected. With, we take care of most of the work for you. Whether it involves picking up the phone and speaking to us directly or providing some basic information on our site, we guarantee that your information stays safe with us and that the call you receive from one of our many Insurance agents will provide you with the best, customized quote for your insurance needs.

Let Insurance321 take care of finding you that perfect quote while you worry about the only thing you should have to worry about, making your business a success.

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