Posted on May 19, 2014

What You Need To Know About Minnesota Worker's Compensation Insurance

Minnesota workers comp insurance

Minnesota businesses have a new resource for assistance with workers compensation insurance - the Office of Workers' Compensation Ombudsman. This program is designed to help businesses and injured workers with advice and assistance as it relates to workers compensation insurance coverage.

Workers compensation insurance can be a complicated system to navigate. The Ombudsman program promises to provide in depth assistance for problem resolution especially for injured employees, who do not always have the knowledge or representation to help them as they begin receiving treatment and benefits. In fact, the whole system can be quite overwhelming for both workers and employers.

Injured workers can expect the ombudsman to provide information about worker rights as they file workers compensation claims; assistance with claims adjusters and disputes as well as aid in preparation for mediation or settlement conferences. The ombudsman will also provide referral to other agencies or organizations when needed.

For business owners the ombudsman program will provide information about how to handle employee injuries, direct employers to resources to aid in resolving problems and answer concerns about responsibilities required by workers comp law such as coverage issues and requirements.

The ombudsman program will also work to bring recommendations for improvements to workers compensation laws, statutes or regulations.

The Workers Compensation Ombudsman program was established by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry and operates as a separate entity. Employees and businesses may request service from the ombudsman by contacting the office at (800) 342-5354 or visiting their website at:

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