Posted on May 19, 2014

Workplace Safety Helps North Carolina Businesses Save Big

Safety north carolina insurance

Thousands of North Carolina workers are injured each year in the workplace. No matter what the industry from manufacturing plants to construction, the potential for hazardous conditions that lead to worker injury exists. It is the task of North Carolina employers to invest time and energy into making their workplace safe for everyone.

Injury prevention is the key to keeping commercial insurance premiums low. Without a strategy to prevent accidents, there will certainly be injuries to visitors and workers on site. For every dollar invested in safety programs and workplace protection, several more dollars are saved in insurance costs.

Preventing accidents on business premises or even off site requires implementation of a safety program. The following are steps are actions owners should take to help determine areas within a business that could potentially risk workplace accidents:

1) Owners and managers must fully assess the risk associated with each location on the premises as well as with each task performed by employees.

2) Identify equipment and procedures that are high risk for workers.

3) Appoint a safety manager and team to work with employees to provide safety communication and implementation of safety procedures.

4) Over the long term, continue to analyze equipment and procedures to determine areas where change is needed.

5) Fully understand each task and the amount of risk taken to complete it.

6) Develop a risk reduction strategy.

Risk reduction should be the primary goal of any workplace safety program. It requires commitment by owners, managers, safety team, supervisors and workers for success. By recognizing work place hazards and reducing risk of injury to employees, companies can realize costs and savings on their insurance premiums as well as employee lost time from work.

As part of every strategy, North Carolina companies must be committed to providing necessary safety equipment and gear to workers. Additionally, employee training is essential to make sure workers understand safety procedures and reporting violations to supervisors. Even everyone is committed to workplace safety and works together as a team, employee injuries are reduced, worker morale is boosted and employers save on their commercial insurance costs - a win, win for everyone.

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