Posted on May 17, 2014

Workplace Safety Is Key For Alabama Businesses

Work place safety alabama business insurance

Alabama businesses, especially those in high risk industries, can save money on their commercial insurance by focusing on workplace safety. By planning and becoming more proactive with employee training about safety on the job, business owners can help to prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

When companies take control of workplace accidents, the end result is usually less claims and better business insurance premiums. Some of the most dangerous occupations in Alabama are trucking, delivery and roofing, and each of these industries has unique risks associated with their operations that must be considered to maintain a safe working environment.

For trucking firms, owners and managers can focus on using well rested drivers who are properly trained to maintain safe driving habits and keep vehicles in tiptop, operational condition. Delivery companies have the same needs as truckers with the added issue of loading and off-loading often in the middle of street areas in order to deliver items to customers. Delivery drivers must also pay close attention to their surroundings so as not to be struck by other cars.

Roofing work is inherently dangerous with the use of ladders, slippery roofing materials and extreme heights. Since the nature of roofing is more hazardous, roofing company owners must make sure that their roofers have the proper training to recognize hazards and avoid potential injuries. Overall, technology has also helped these industries to become more aware of safety with better equipment and tools to easily perform their tasks. But the ease of using new equipment and tools does not take the place of paying close attention and handling them safely.

One of the most important things any business owners can do no matter what the industry is to make sure employees working in accident prone areas use the right safety equipment at all times. Whether a construction employee who needs a hard hat and goggles or a logger using machine guards on log cutting equipment, it is primarily the function of owners and management to communicate with employees and educate them on safety risks and prevention methods. Employees should also feel that they can trust their management team enough to report issues they see while on the job. As the men and women on the front line, workers often catch hazards and safety issues long before managers or owners find them.

The best way to implement safety precautions is to create a written safety program that each employee can read. Then hold regular safety meetings to communicate safety rules and procedures. This can go a long way in helping employees remember to always keep workplace safety as the number one priority while on the job. It might seem time consuming to write a program and then maintain a regular training schedule, but in the end, the reward can be much greater with an accident free workplace and ultimately, lower commercial insurance rates.

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