Commercial Travel Insurance

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Commercial Travel Insurance

Travel is critical to the growth and operation of many businesses, but it’s also an inherently stressful process that can be affected by everything from weather delays to being stuck abroad during a pandemic. Businesses whose owners or employees travel frequently, or even occasionally, need to ensure that they’re protected with a travel insurance policy that can account for any unexpected event. If you’re looking for commercial travel insurance, our LaunchPad technology allows you to find your best match in a qualified insurance provider and get the right policy. Complete the quote request form today to explore all of your coverage options and travel with more peace of mind.

What does commercial travel insurance cover?

Commercial travel insurance protects individuals traveling for business and their property as well as protecting the trip itself against delays, cancellations, medical situations, and other potentially more serious emergencies. Policies can include:

  • Coverage for expenses related to trip delay
  • Coverage for cancellations or interruptions
  • Payment for medical expenses
  • Reimbursement for lost equipment, baggage, or other property
  • Assistance with evacuation and other security services
Work trips can be an occupational necessity, a useful recruitment tool, or a fun fringe benefit. But whether it’s domestic or international, travel always includes risk, and commercial travel includes commercial risk. Request a free rate comparison through our LaunchPad and start taking care of the people who travel for your business.

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