Fleet Insurance

Protect your fleet of commercial vehicles with comprehensive and affordable insurance

Fleet Insurance

For businesses that operate mobile fleets like taxi and shipping companies, vehicles are necessary to enable their day-to-day functions. Your vehicles may serve a variety of useful business functions from transportation to hauling, but they also expose you to a great deal of financial risk, and having more vehicles compounds that exposure. The time, money, and effort it takes to assemble and maintain a fleet makes it essential to keep your business protected with a comprehensive fleet insurance plan from a reputable carrier.

Commercial fleet insurance allows a business to more affordably apply auto insurance coverage to multiple vehicles. Whether your fleet is comprised of cars, trucks, buses, vans, or something else entirely, we can help match you with a provider that will safeguard your business with a tailored policy that fits your budget.

What does fleet insurance cover?

As mentioned, commercial fleet insurance provides a way for businesses that use multiple vehicles to apply commercial auto insurance coverage in a way that’s faster, easier, and more affordable than purchasing individual policies. Otherwise, the actual coverage functions very similarly to a standard commercial auto policy by granting protections such as:

  • Liability Coverage exists to help pay for bodily injuries and property damage caused in an accident involving one of your vehicles
  • Collision Coverage may cover the cost of repairs to your vehicles or another vehicle involved in a collision with one of your fleet
  • Comprehensive Coverage accounts for theft, vandalism, and other types of loss related to your vehicles
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage applies in the event that a business' vehicle is an accident with a driver that doesn’t have adequate insurance

If you have specialized needs, you may opt to expand your coverage to include things like the potential cost of rentals, towing services, and more. Your premiums will ultimately depend on the types of coverage you select along with other factors like types of vehicles in your fleet, their age, how they’re used, and more.

To fully explore all of your options and get a better idea of what commercial fleet insurance will cost your business, fill out our quote request form today. You can hitch a ride with our service team who will get you on the road to a free consultation so you can get the extensive vehicle protection your company needs.

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