Insurance for Barbershops, Salons, and Spas

Having the right insurance coverage is a great look for your business

Insurance for Barbershops, Salons, and Spas

Professionals like you in the health & beauty industry keep the rest of us looking and feeling our best. But high levels of physical interaction along with industry hazards like sharp scissors and subjective standards mean that you face unique operating risks that may expose your business to financial liability if you don’t have the right insurance coverage in place.

Getting a policy that fits the needs of your babership, salon, or spa should be as easy and comfortable as the services you provide to your clients. And just like getting a wax or a manicure, how painless the process is comes down to working with an experienced professional. We allow your business to shop coverage rates from multiple providers at once, keeping you protected in the event of accidents, injuries, lawsuits, and other issues you may face.

Coverage for Your Skilled Professionals

Insurance policies for health & beauty can get complicated because of the variety of permits, licenses, and skill sets that different employees may have within a given establishment. Service variety, including use of chemicals and administration of botox, can also create complexity when finding a policy. We can assist you with obtaining coverage for any of the following types of professionals you may employ:

  • Barbers
  • Stylists/Hairdressers
  • Beauticians/Cosmetologists
  • Aestheticians
  • Nail technicians
  • Tanning technicians
  • Massage therapists

A variety of skills means you’ll need a variety of coverage to account for all of your risks. We make it simple to obtain any or all of the following:

  • Commercial liability
  • Professional liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • Worker’s compensation insurance
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Product liability
  • Sexual misconduct liability
  • Data breach liability
  • Equipment breakdown coverage
  • Business income interruption insurance

With there being so much to navigate, let us help make it simple to get your questions answered and your business insured. Fill out the quote request form today, and our service team will get you set up with a completely free consultation so that you can start building a policy for your salon, barbershop, or spa. We’ll free you up to keep your clients safe, healthy, and happy.

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