Food Spoilage Insurance

Coverage for your restaurant’s perishable food and drink inventory

Insurance for Food Spoilage and Contamination

Food spoilage insurance protects restaurants and other food-based businesses in the event of lost inventory caused by a power outage, equipment malfunction, or other factors. This type of coverage can also apply to food contaminated through other means, such as being mishandled or improperly stored. This can help mitigate the cost to your business of replacing your inventory, repairing equipment, or dealing with fallout costs.

What’s the difference between food spoilage and contamination?

In technical terms, food spoilage is a process that naturally occurs over time whereby food becomes unfit for consumption by taking on an undesirable appearance, taste, smell, etc. This is mainly caused by the activity of microorganisms and can be delayed to varying degrees by different means of packing and storage. Food contamination, put simply, is when there’s something in your food that shouldn’t be there, often some type of pathogen or something else harmful to the human body. This is typically caused by mishandling foods or exposing them to unclean surfaces and equipment. Contamination can occur in any stage of the food cycle from harvesting to processing to cooking and serving. An issue related to spoiled or contaminated food can be costly for a restaurant’s reputation as well as its budget. Food spoilage insurance is sometimes not included as coverage in a standard restaurant insurance plan. That’s why it’s important to understand how to prevent food spoilage issues and to work with an industry insurance carrier that can build you the right type of policy. If you’d like a free quote and consultation, complete the quote request form. We’ll match you with a qualified insurance provider that will design a plan to fit your food business needs.

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