Equipment Rental Insurance

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Equipment Rental Insurance

Businesses that rent out supplies or equipment to individuals or other businesses face commercial risks that can affect their company and the assets they’ve invested in. Equipment rental insurance safeguards businesses from these risks by providing coverage for them and their property, even as it’s in the hands of others. If you operate an equipment rental company, we can help you connect with your best match in an insurance provider to get you a comprehensive equipment rental insurance policy at the best available price. Request a free rate comparison through the LaunchPad quote engine, and you’ll receive a free consultation where you can explore all of your coverage options.

What is equipment rental insurance?

Whether it’s trucks, heavy machinery, party supplies, or something else entirely, exposures rental companies can face include:

  • Accidents
  • Injuries to customers
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Weather damages
Like many other insurance packages, an equipment rental insurance plan is a collection of many forms of commercial coverage with terms, limits, and inclusions written specifically for equipment rental companies. While the coverages will vary from carrier to carrier, some common inclusions are:
  • General Liability Insurance which accounts for things like third-party injuries and accidental property damage
  • Property & Equipment Insurance which protects items against theft, damage, and other risks as they’re rented or leased
  • Commercial Auto Insurance for any vehicles that are rented out or used to transport rentals
  • Loss-of-Use Coverage in the event that a business is unable to rent out a piece of equipment because it’s broken or damaged
  • Inland Marine Insurance to cover equipment while it’s in storage or transit
  • Worker’s Compensation for employees that suffer illness or injury related to equipment delivery or setup
No matter how tight a rental business might think their contracts are or how well they think they’ve transferred liability to their customers, it’s still critical that they keep themselves protected with the right insurance coverage. Complete the quote request form today and connect with a qualified insurance provider that will guide you in choosing the right policy to protect your company, people, vehicles, and property all within your budget.

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